Ceramic braces are what most people think of as “clear braces”. Ceramic braces function the same way as traditional metal braces, but offer a cosmetic alternative to the metal. You can still see the wire that connects the braces, but the brackets themselves are a tooth color, making the ceramic braces much less noticeable than the traditional metal braces. They are a great option for patients who are unable to use Invisalign™, but still want to be discreet. They are also great for a patient who doesn’t want the responsibility of taking an appliance in and out of his mouth like with Invisalign™. The ceramic braces are bonded to the teeth and so are in your mouth at all times during treatment.

How Do They Work?

Ceramic braces have clear brackets, but otherwise they function just like traditional metal braces. Some patients worry that the clear braces will stain, but you don’t have to worry about these brackets staining, they are made from a ceramic material that will not absorb any stains.

Who is Eligible for Ceramic Braces?

Most people who are eligible for traditional braces are also eligible for ceramic braces. Dr. Mullen will be happy to meet you and look at your teeth to let you know what would be most appropriate for you.

Why Choose Ceramic Braces?

These braces are popular for some of the same reasons as Invisalign™; they seem more like “invisible braces”. Invisalign™ is not the best option for everyone, and ceramic braces can be a good option in those situations.