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A+ Customer Service

Review written by a Loyal Fan

The Village at Leesburg's About Us Page states "...a place where businesses and residents come together in a traditional main street community with modern amenities and conveniences." This is a place where the traditional meets the modern - where you feel more at home but still have Leesburg's finest. What a perfect location then for the "home" of "Leesburg's Hometown Orthodontist"!

Today, the competition to be the "best" in class is hotter than ever. But becoming the best is not by accident. It means making AND KEEPING commitments. It is the writer's opinion that Mullen Orthodontics is unmatched in serving its clients in the Orthodontics business. You want the best for yourself or your child when an orthodontic service is needed. It takes a great deal of shopping around, and pricing is somewhat variable. But what swayed us toward Mullen Orthodontics is that they make you easily forgot that you are at a place of business. Strangely, there is a real sense of fairness and concern. From the first meeting for an initial consultation, you are met with Dr. Mullen's calm and respectful attitude. The statement I recall is: "I believe that braces can help you." It is not a complete absolute but instead an honest answer without any hint of pressure or pretense - it is what you need and deserve. My teen immediately smiled and from that point forward endorsed Dr. Mullen and his opinions. Children instinctively know which adult they will decide to trust or not, and they are very certain about it. There would be no other orthodontist - we found ours! You know Dr. Mullen is fair, so he immediately has your trust. You instinctively know he is brilliant, but he is there for you and your child first. This is best exemplified by the verbal summary he provides to the parent after each adjustment. Both you and your child understand the progress and are on the same page and know the follow-up that is needed at home. This helps pave the road to a successful finish.

Every small business owner needs loyal clients that make on-time payments. Even after insurance, the price of braces can be daunting - especially to families with multiples in treatment at the same time!  Through Donna, Mullen Orthodontics' Office Manager, an affordable payment schedule was worked out jointly so that both our teens could receive the treatment they needed concurrently. Ms. Donna is kind, organized, and happy in all respects. You are consistently treated and greeted with the highest level of professionalism and kindness. Even at those early-morning before-school appointments, you are left wondering how someone can be so cheery. She becomes a friend over the course of the treatment program, and your children adore her as well. Other than the side benefit of being a little late for school, no child loves the idea of going to a dental appointment. My children have remarked that you are in and out of orthodontic visits in the blink of an eye. Rest assured Mullen Orthodontics runs on-time, gets the job done, and you are on your way typically in less than 15 minutes! This says chapters then for their back-office orthodontic staff as well.

One of the most offensive penalties to me as a mother is to wake to an ill child and then on top of it be slapped with the no-show penalty for a missed appointment. Mullen Orthodontics is the ONLY business I know that has NEVER charged us for a last-minute cancellation and reschedule. It is impossible to know schedules across the board for all your school-attending children - whether it is an "A" Day or a "B" Day, and what small catastrophe may unearth the day of a visit. As long as you call Ms. Donna and explain the situation, she has always been accommodating to the point where you feel a bit undeserving. In this manner, you are left striving to be punctual and make your scheduled appointments. Even in this day of the modern, you will still have that day-before reminder call on your phone machine when you come home!

It is by no accident that I rate Mullen Orthodontics as A+ in Customer Service, reasonableness of fees, and services rendered. This is not the type of review that I script often because reviews today are everywhere, and I believe should be written with integrity. But for us, Mullen Orthodontics is not only Leesburg's Hometown Orthodontist; rather, they are the ONLY orthodontist for myself and my family. Please read what others have said on both Google & Facebook, and consider writing a review for Dr. Mullen & his staff if you agree. I'm sure it will be much appreciated for the time and efforts they take every day to serve you as best they can! Thank you Mullen Orthodontics for another job well done! My two smiling teens thank you and so do I!

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